Staff Pick: Tina on The Great Alone by Kirstin Hannah


In The Great Alone, PTSD suffering Vietnam vet Ernt Allbright drags his family to a remote corner of Alaska, believing living fresh off the land, with few people around, will cure him of his nightmares and violent outbreaks. However, as winter approaches and the dark sets in, his wife and daughter find themselves in an increasingly dangerous situation.

Alaska itself comes alive in what is essentially a coming-of-age story for the protagonist, Leni. The descriptions are so vivid that you feel as though you are there - which is at times exhilarating and at times terrifying. With a wonderful set of characters, as thoughtful and serious as they are quirky and kind, this book will keep you turning page after page wanting to know what happens to them all. This book, about what it means to belong somewhere, and to someone, will break your heart and lift you up.