Senior Owlets June Read: Exo by Fonda Lee


Senior Owlets will be discussion Exo by Fonda Lee for our final meeting of the 2017-2018 year!  Here are Kristi's thoughts on this selection, which were originally posted on her personal Tumblr on 29 May 2018.

So excited I can celebrate Fonda Lee’s newest book! Out today, Cross Fire continues the story of Donovan and his fellow stripes from Exo. I loved Exo so much when I read it last year that I chose it to be the June selection for Owl’s Nest Books Senior Owlets book club (with the meeting taking place on June 2nd). If you enjoy science fiction this is a fantastic read - the world building is amazing and the story makes sense (I’ve read some sci fi that leans far to hard on the fiction portion and forgets the science part).

I had the great honour to meet Fonda in 2017 with the When Words Collide writers conference in Calgary. She is truly a wonderful person and I still consider it a highlight of the year for me. I’ve now read 3 of her 4 published books (I do want to read Zeroboxer but just haven’t whittled down the TBR pile enough yet) and I can say without a doubt that Fonda is one of my favourite authors. Congratulations on your newest book Fonda! All I can say is… is there another coming in this series? I don’t think I want to be done with Donovan yet…

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