Staff Pick: Tina on Precious Cargo by Craig Davidson


Tina says:

In this wonderful memoir, Craig Davidson is a writer who has reached rock bottom. After a brief glimpse of what life could have held for him as a successful novelist, his book bombs and he falls into self-pity and doubt.

Eventually he runs out of money and, in desperation, takes a job driving a school bus: a 'short bus', at that. What begins as an impulsive decision, a way simply to make some money, ends up being an experience that will help Davidson grown, like none other. Davidson becomes these kids' driver, their defender and champion; however, it is these kids that are the true heroes. This book will keep you laughing, grinning, crying and growing. Without ever being condescending, or sappy, without being depressing, despite its sometimes serious subject matter, Davidson has hit every mark right with his wonderful book.

Craig Davidson's latest novel, Cataract City was short-listed for the Giller Prize and Trillium Book Prize, while his book of stories, Rust and Bone, became a Golden Globe-nominated film. Precious Cargo was short-listed for Canada Reads 2018. He also writes thrillers under the pseudonym Nick Cutter.

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