Staff Pick: Kristi on Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

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I follow a bunch of authors I like on twitter. I enjoy their musings on writing, and hope to pick up a tip or two that I can use someday. One of these writers, Mark Lawrence, ran a contest for a signed copy of Red Sister, the first book in his Ancestor trilogy. I won (much to my surprise, as I never win ANYTHING).

I have never been so happy to have had a book fall into my lap. While I knew of the book before this, it hadn’t registered on my radar (I have so many on my TBR pile I’m trying to be selective). I was so wrong to not have picked it up before now. I can’t remember the last time a book left me completely speechless!

Nona Grey has come to the Convent of Sweet Mary, saved from the noose at the last moment, destined to become a Red Sister, a warrior like none other. But greater things are in motion, things that will change the world, and Nona in the centre of them. Will this girl, plucked wild from the Grey, learn to control her own power and become the warrior she is meant to be?

I cannot begin to express my love for this book. The story is amazing and has left me aching for the next book (Grey Sister is available in hardcover, but I have a thing about having books match and so I’m waiting for the mass market edition to come out) so that I can continue following Nona’s story. If you read one great epic fantasy this year, make sure it is Red Sister by Mark Lawrence. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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