Birds of a feather read together.

We love our local book clubs.  

We offer a 10% discount on all the books on your club's reading list.  Just let us know your purchase is a book club read to receive the discount.

Come and browse our selection of local club picks and bring us your club's list to add even more variety. 

Selections to knock their socks off.

Each spring we host our annual "Book Club" Staff Picks Nights, with presentations from all the Owls of our favourite discoveries of the past year, with an eye for books that promote discussion.  

Attendees go home with a handout of over 50 recommendations.

Owlets, O.W.L.S. and Hoot-Dunnit

We host four in-house book clubs at the Owl's Nest.  Clubs run September to June and are open to new members at any time. 

Junior Owlets for readers in Grades 3 to 6

Senior Owlets for readers in Grades 7 to 9

O.W.L.S. (Our Wonderful Literary Society), a literary fiction club for adults.

Hootdunnit, a mystery book club for adults.


Reading lists and meeting dates available in-store, or by email request