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Dr. Peter Nieman - Moving Forward: The Power of Consistent Choices in Everyday

Saturday author signing with Dr. Peter Nieman

Seven Ways This Book Can Help You:

1. Understand that adversities can teach us life lessons, which will allow us to manifest our purpose more consistently.

2. Discover that energy flows best when we balance our mental, physical, and spiritual intentions consistently.

3. Learn that disciplined living is about what we get to do instead of what we’ve got to do.

4. Show you that consistent choices empower us to move closer to a state of radical contentment.

5. Remind us that our associations determine our energy.

6. Explain that true spirituality flows from our alignment with a Higher Power whose only nature is love.

7. Give you a fresh understanding that whatever you may be facing in life can be overcome when you allow love to flow from you to others and back to your Creator.