Maverick Publisher: J. Patrick O'Callaghan, A Life in Newspapers

Join us with Joan O'Callaghan and friends in celebrating the publication of the memoirs of J. Patrick (Pat) O'Callaghan.  

Born in the Republic of Ireland, J. Patrick (Pat) O'Callaghan became one of the giants of print journalism in Canada and beyond. He believed fervently in the role of a vigorous and free press in a democratic society and was quick to confront and expose any encroachment on that freedom by government or other agencies.

The pen, his green Selectric typewriter, and eventually his computer were his weapons, and his newspapers his battlefields as he fought for what was in the best interests of all Canadians.

These memoirs are dedicated to those journalists who share his ideals, his integrity, and his moral imperative.

(Wine at this event is provided courtesy of the Calgary Herald.)