Brian E. Pearson: Pie Face Boy -- In Search of Soul

All God's children got soul! But how do we know we've got it? How do we recognize Soul? How do we know, when we react, when we dream, and when life carries us off in strange new directions, that it is Soul trying to get our attention?  With disarming candour and a devilish sense of humour, Brian Pearson uses personal -- yet somehow universal -- stories to explore the emergence of Soul in our lives.  Pie Face Boy helps us recognize that overbearing aunt, tempermental horses, antique desks, failed demo tapes, and even Humphrey Bogart nightmares can reveal more about our inner life and we could ever imagine.  

Brian E. Pearson is an Anglican Priest.  He has served congregations in and around Toronto, Hamilton and Vancouver Island and now lives and writes in Calgary.  He is a writer, musician, and a popular speaker and retreat leader.  His is the author of How the Light Gets In: Short Stories and Passiontide: a Novel