Arthur C. Eastly: Bamford Luck

In this gripping tale, an Idaho rancher uncovers a major drug operation in Seattle while attempting to solve his parents' murder.  

Twenty-eight-year-old Clay Bamford thinks he is just bidding his parents farewell for a short time as they depart their Idaho ranch for a vacation.  As their RV heads down the road away from home, Clay has no idea that in just a short time, his parents will be murdered and he will be left to solve the crime.  

Luong An Chie'n is intent on remaining a successful drug smuggler.  When an encounter with a few of his gang members ends in the untimely deaths of the elderly Bamfords, he is clueless that their son has begun his own mission to find the guilty parties.  

Using his United States Army training, work ethic and country boy toughness, Clay hacks computers, intercepts e-mails, and infiltrates the gang.  Determined to crack the crime operation, Clay will stop at nothing to find out his parents' fate.  Finally, his determination leads police to a fish market -- and what he hopes are the answers.