Wordfest Youth Gathering featuring Trina St. Jean, author of Blank

Presented with Wordfest

Join us to for a back-to-school celebration of Wordfest Youth, with a visit from Trina St. Jean who is the author of Blank and part of this year's author line-up.  

Have a look at books from the authors who will be visiting Calgary for Wordfest in October and hear a reading from Trina.  

About Blank: When Jessica wakes up from a coma, she has no memories of her life before the accident at her family’s bison ranch. As she struggles to reconnect with her family and friends, she experiences all the signs of traumatic brain injury—confusion, sadness, fear and rage. Returning to school is a nightmare—especially when she overhears someone say he thinks she is faking her amnesia. When a new friend presents an alternative to staying in her old life, Jessica must confront the reality of what it means to leave her past behind.