Coffin Hop Press: AB Negative - An Anthology of Alberta Crime

Where the blood runs black as oil...

14 Choice Cuts from Alberta’s best crime and genre writers.

Featuring new fiction from:
Jayne Barnard (The Evil Eye Of Africa)
Robert Bose (nEvermore! Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre)
Susan Calder (Deadly Fall)
Dwayne E. Clayden (Crisis Point)
Therese Greenwood (Dead In The Water)
Axel Howerton (Hot Sinatra)
Janice MacDonald (Randy Craig mystery series)
Randy McCharles (The Necromancer Candle)
Brent Nichols (War Of The Necromancer series)
Al Onia (Javenny)
R. Overwater (Tall Tales Of The Weird West)
Sharon Wildwind (Some Welcome Home)
S.G. Wong (Die On Your Feet)
Kevin P. Thornton (World Enough And Crime)