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Jeffrey John Eyamie: No Escape From Greatness

With guest author Kimmy Beach

Fame can be fickle. Nobody knows that better than overnight sensation Gabriel Pegg . . . you know, Port-o-Potty Guy . . . from Erratic Automatic. Remember him? He went from the penthouse to the outhouse, and now Gabriel is persona non grata in the entertainment biz. Broke, behind on his child support payments, and a wanted man, Gabriel heads to the only place he has left: Greatness, Manitoba, population...I don't know, but there's one traffic light. Gabriel believes his destiny as a serious auteur awaits him, once he can rid himself of those pesky parental commitments. When Gabriel unwittingly signs himself up for six-days-a-week custody of his 11 year old daughter, Gabriel realizes there might just be No Escape from Greatness.

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 Guest author Kimmy Beach will also be reading from her work in progress, Don't Go Away, Or I'll Really Have Nothing.