Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here. An anthology & global reading series

Hosted by anthology contributor, Richard Harrison. Featuring additional readings by local authors Joan Shillington, Crystal MacKenzie, Bob Stallworthy, Karen Gimbel, Micheline Maylor, Nick Thran, and Sue Sinclair.

Al-Mutanabbi Street, named for the famed Iraqi poet, was the street of book-sellers, where people of many languages and faiths mingled freely, coming together through their love of books. In March 2007 this literary haven was destroyed by a car bomb. Since then the Street has been repaired, because creation can answer death, and worldwide poets and writers have been contributing to the Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here project, because memory is the answer to destruction. 

A big part of the project's work, which includes an internationally touring display of broadsides and hand-crafted books, is the anthology Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here, collecting the works of over 200 writers. The Anthology isn't just to be read, it's to be read from. Each year poets and writers gather on the anniversary of the bombing and each reads a selection from the anthology alongside a work of their own (if they so choose) to keep alive the work of undoing destruction. This year, readings will be held around the world, in over 20 cities including Washington DC, London, Cairo, San Francisco, Venice, and Paris. 

At Owl's Nest Books Monday, March 7, Calgary joins that list.