Wordfest Presents: Stephen Shawcross

This event will be held at the CPL's Memorial Park Library

It’s the summer of 1969, the summer of love. Amidst the excitement of Neil Armstrong’s moon walk, hosers Ralph and Billy decide to hitchhike to Woodstock, 3 days of peace and music in White Lake, New York. Along the way they encounter situations and circumstances that challenge their small town sensibilities, along with a host of archetypal characters: hipsters, iconoclasts and freaks; hucksters, smugglers and charlatans; bikers, flower children and purveyors of new age enlightenment. Their epic journey of a thousand misadventures perfectly captures the zeitgeist of the era in all its attendant grooviness as they edge inexorably to their intended destination.

This is a free event for attendees who RSVP through Wordfest