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Jim Jackson: How to Tell a Really Good Story

5 Ways to Change Your Life through your Story (and How to Tell it)

You can craft gripping, memorable tales, but instead of using the power of story to get your spouse to stop leaving his socks on the floor, you nag. Instead of using a really good story to get your family to recycle more, you hector and lecture.

Sound familiar?

Jim Jackson, author of How to Tell a Really Good Story about Absolutely Anything in 4 Easy Steps, leads an interactive workshop where you use your natural storytelling ability to help make your life easier, more awesome and more authentically yours.

We’ll look at how a really good story can help you:

-          present your ideas

-          cut through all the bulls&%$

-          influence and cajole

-          market yourself

-          craft your personal brand

Come on down. Tell your story. 

RSVPs are appreciated but not required. or (403) 287-9557