Susan Cameron: A Fragment of May

Saturday Signing with local historical fiction author!

In the summer of 1969 Anne Dunlop leaves her job teaching high school and the consequences of a broken romance behind her in Toronto and heads back to the comfort of home and family in Halifax.  By chance she lands a job at an inner city employment office.  Her first clients are dayworkers, many of whom are still adjusting to the uneasy resettlement of their entire community to the neighbourhood due north of Citadel Hill.  Anne, too, faces her own adjustments.  Her widowed father has a new love in his life.  And there is Serge, a charming military man who, unlike her, has a clear future ahead of him.  But Anne’s greatest challenge arrives when she receives a letter from her dearest Aunt Adele, forcing her to consider who she really is and what she truly wants for her future.