AWCS Little Book Club For Writers

Short novels and short stories. Only five books per season. Meetings every other month. This is not your usual* book club. Each meeting of the LBCW will focus on a short work of literature that uniquely lends itself to a facilitated discussion focused on, but not limited to, the elements of style & craft. Structure, theme, characterization, dialogue, setting/world building, voice, narrative mode etc. Anyone with a love of brief reads and an interest in the craft is welcome.

*Of course there will be wine and cookies. We’re not totally reinventing the wheel

Award-winning poet Anne Carson reinvents a genre in Autobiography of Red, a stunning work that is both a novel and a poem, both an unconventional re-creation of an ancient Greek myth and a wholly original coming-of-age story set in the present.
     Geryon, a young boy who is also a winged red monster, reveals the volcanic terrain of his fragile, tormented soul in an autobiography he begins at the age of five. Geryon escapes his abusive brother and affectionate but ineffectual mother, finding solace behind the lens of his camera and in the arms of a young man name Herakles, a cavalier drifter who leaves him at the peak of infatuation. When Herakles reappears a year later, Geryon confronts again the pain of his desire and embarks on a journey that will unleash his creative imagination to its fullest extent. By turns whimsical and haunting, erudite and accessible, richly layered and deceptively simple, Autobiography of Red is a profoundly moving portrait of an artist coming to terms with the fantastic accident of who he is and unleashing his creative imagination to its fullest extent.

Registration through AWCS is encouraged but drop-ins are always welcome.