Sharon Cameron: Rook

Years in the future, the honeycomb of tunnels, quarries and catacombs underneath Paris have slowly collapsed, creating the Upper and Lower Cities. The rich live upon the ridges of the Upper, while the poor scramble for existence in the Lower. The class tensions have resulted in a horrible repetition of the French Reign of Terror.

But history repeats itself in more ways than one. Taking a page from the French Revolutionary adventure The Scarlet Pimpernel, (both figuratively and literally, because a few pages of the tale are all that have survived) a new hero has stepped in. The Red Rook leaves a scarlet-tipped feather behind each time an innocent victim is spirited away from the Sunken City.

When one of the Rook’s lieutenants is mistakenly arrested in place of his leader, it starts a timer on a keg of gunpowder (again, both figuratively and literally) in the heart of the Sunken City.

Booksellers dream of loving a book as much as I love this one. It combines my obsessions with history, dystopia, adventure and romance, plus it has a relationship with one of my favourite tales from years before.

See the book trailer: